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The most important thing we do, is listen.

Top of our core principles is to be client focused. The heart of our design philosophy is to create, 'mind in mind', from the lived experiences of the people who will go on to inhabit the places we design.

Optimising quality of life through carefully considered architecture that understands the meeting of site, function and aesthetics. 


Our directors and lead design architect come from all walks of life. Together they are creating a small but powerful architectural practice that has dementia, well being, care and outstanding aesthetic design at the forefront of its purpose.

William McMorran, our lead design architect has won multiple national and regional awards for his work across all sectors, and has 40 years of design experience. After working with 'Friends of the Elderly' to create a 25 bed specialist dementia care extension, and personal experience of family members entering care environments, he realised architecture was in need of a serious, step change, revolution in design standards for care. With this passion he teamed up with a fine artist, ex-professional carer and an ex-paralympic athlete. Together we developed the 'mind in mind' principles and unique 5 point models for supporting residents and staff from their rooms and throughout the active care environment. Partnered with Williams' deep understanding of spacial aesthetics and the psychological effects of environmental design, our ongoing revolutionary approach is leading us, with our clients, to the forefront of a new architecture, an architecture that lifts the spirit.

We believe that care environments should be places positively not to be missed. Welcoming, Orientating, Self Affirming, Spiritual, Healing, Provocative, even Risk Taking;

a friendly world that acknowledges difficulty and affirms person-hood.


It is so exciting to be a part of something innovative and to see the outcome of the considerable thought, experience and research behind this project...”

Jenny Russell
Friends of the Elderly’s Head of West Midlands Region

62 bed specialist dementia care community.

Specialist house for a client living with tetraplegia.

Day care centre for people living with learning difficulties and autism.

Spa pool, new entrance and community hub for special needs school.

Respite residential dementia care set within an existing care farm.

36 bed specialist dementia care community.

24 Bed Specialist dementia care community, new build extension to existing facilities, for Friends of the Elderly.

Dementia Day care centre for Friends of the Elderly.

why do our clients choose us?

The clients we have had and our current clients, whether large or small, have usually one of two, or both of these reasons for hiring us:

They sincerely wish to make a positive difference in improving the lives and wellfare of people living with complex conditions and their care teams. They see that we are fully engaged as specialist dementia care architects. Not only are we able to support them in making a real practical difference, but we are able to do so affordably, even reducing long term costs.

They are keen to develop a step change in care quality, with the environment playing a role in supporting their care model, but are concerned about obtaining planning consent. They see our lead design architects' superb record in delivering planning permission under challenging circumstances, and are keen to work with us for the double whammy of design credentials and planning consent expertise.
We have previously achieved planning consent in Special Conservation Areas, National Parks, Listed Buildings and also in environments of strict planning legislation.

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